what brings you here?

low energy

You want to feel like yourself again (or maybe, for the first time). You want to be able to keep up with the people and things that feel most important to you.

emotional eating

Sometimes you overeat to the point it feels uncomfortable, especially when bored before bed, when feeling stressed, or in social settings when you want to feel happy. You'd like to be able to eat for emotional reasons less often.

feeling stuck

You want to make eating changes without feeling hungry and deprived all the time.  You'd like to feel more comfortable being active. You are unsure where to start.

meal prep is a drag

You're tired of figuring out what you are "supposed" to eat every time a new diet trend rolls around. You love food, but don't have time for or interest in cooking most days of the week. You may need help choosing foods that don't upset issues like heartburn or blood pressure. 

food guilt and anxiety

You love the taste of food and enjoy dining out, but sometimes you worry about how you eat impacts your body size. You're tired of beating yourself up. You want to develop a better opinion of yourself, your body, and the way you eat. 

you want to thrive

 You've got life goals and passions. Others describe you as a "the best" and you're ready to be that person to yourself. Instead of worrying about weight and food all the time, you want to experience food as part of experiencing a full life.


are you done with diets?

I'm Melissa Gallagher Landry,  online Registered Dietitian and lifestyle coach. My 1-to-1 coaching program empowers anxious eaters

to feel better and enjoy food without dieting.

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