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How will we meet? Showing up to sessions makes you more likely to succeed. I care about that. It's why I offer easy to attend  phone call or video conference sessions. Come as you are: dressed comfortably in a distraction free place. My dog Lucy may say hello from time to time. She believes in you and wants you to know it.

What's it like to talk to you? Fun and focused. I'll help you learn skills you need to be successful. We spend the rest of our time guiding your progress. You will be challenged to explore your self and refine your habits during and in between sessions. I have a knack for listening for what is truly important to you. If I see you veer off course, I'll offer the perspective needed to get back on track.

What's a discovery call? A discovery call is a complimentary 15 minute session where I listen to you and match my services to your needs. Apply to my program and we'll set you up with one!

Tell me about your mobile app. I use an app called Healthie which includes a secure messenger (like texting). In addition, you can track experiences with food intake, hunger, emotional eating, and movement. What we choose to use will vary based on how we define your learning goals. I use trackers judiciously with my clients so that it is supportive in developing insights. Using the app is meant to offer quick coaching support in the moment, instead of waiting until your next session.  

I have other health concerns besides the way I eat. Can you help? Yes! I am a Registered Licensed Dietitian in the State of Massachusetts (#3065) trained in medical nutrition therapy. I have experience with cardiovascular health, diabetes care, PCOS, thyroid disorders, anxiety, depression, and breast cancer recovery. Depending on your geographic location, I'll be glad to offer nutrition support in these areas. I am able to collaborate with your doctor or therapist given your consent to communicate. Apply to my program and I will design a path to meet all your health needs. 

Do I have to follow a special diet with you? Nope. Not unless you are medically required or have a personal preference for one. I've combed the research and seen it countless times: diets do not work long-term. Over time, the coaching work will build on your existing dietary pattern and guide you toward nutritional balance. 

Do you take insurance? At this time, online coaching is not covered by many insurance providers. Mission Nutrition's package pricing is set at market value and compares with investments made toward other private-pay health and wellness providers (massage, fitness memberships, and/or, commercial weight loss). I am able to offer a Superbill for you to submit to insurance or FSA/HRA programs for reimbursement.  Rules vary, so please contact your benefits provider to learn more. 

If I need help with my child's nutrition, do they come to the session? Nope. Not unless they are over 16 and self-motivated on their own to attend. 

I need help, but I'm worried I will fail. What should I do? Part of my approach is to teach you how to better anticipate, manage, and recover from your roadblocks. If your life is full of challenges, you need to learn to navigate them. Don't wait for the conditions to be perfect to start working with me. Experiencing set backs during your coaching subscription allows us to do the work even better. We'll use challenges to learn healthy habits no matter the circumstance. Let's chat at a discovery call and I can tell you more about this process.

1. How often do you feel satisfied by your food and the way you eat?
2. Can you tell when you start to feel hungry?
3. Can you tell when you start to feel full?
4. What's your take on unhealthy food?
5. If I overeat or choose food I think is unhealthy, I:

want me to

review your assessment? 

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